Reversing Type II Diabetes by Dr. Ray Strand

Diabetes has traditionally been considered a progressive, incurable condition wherein the best-case scenario after diagnosis is tight blood sugar control in the hopes of decreasing the risk of secondary complications. Even individuals who have a strong history in their family of diabetes believe it is inevitable that they are going to become diabetic at some time. More recent studies show In the December 19, 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Look AHEAD study reported an association of an intensive lifestyle intervention and the potential reversal of type 2 diabetes. Dr. Strand has had great success in helping his patients with pre-Diabetes, or even those who have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, Read more [...]

James Sherwood Gets a Second Chance

Just 9 months ago, James Sherwood was given less than 1 year to live. He was in a wheelchair, on oxygen, taking multiple shots of insulin every day. He was 45 years old, and 553 lbs. After 9 months on the Slenderiiz program, James has lost 122 lbs. so far. He can now walk, does not need oxygen, has drastically reduced his need for insulin, his blood pressure has returned to normal. James has gotten his life back. This video is his testimony in his own words, at an event in Concord, NC. Here is his updated testimony in his own words (he has now lost 155 lbs!) as posted on Facebook on May 30, 2014 (re-posted with his permission): If this story inspires you and/or you'd like more information on the program that gave him these results, Read more [...]

Probiotics? Look beyond the yogurt display!

Want to start adding more probiotics to your diet? Look beyond the yogurt display! The first time I noticed "probiotics" goes back a couple of decades when I wandered into a "Healthy Eating" presentation during a session break in the technical conference I was attending. The word stuck with me (I enjoy new words) but after hearing that it helped the digestive system I wandered back out and didn't give it more thought. [notes on "Probiotics" at end of this post] Fast forward a few years and it started popping up on dairy shelves and being promoted as a new reason to eat yogurt. Only now, we learned that probiotics can also help support a healthy immune system - undoing some of the damage from antibiotic prescriptions and a Read more [...]

MOA: The Best Combination of Antioxidant Superfoods Available

MOA is uniquely formulated and produced, with 34 of the world’s most powerful ingredients. It is filled with genuine purees, extracts, and juices of superfoods from around the world. MOA is by far the best, natural and most unique superfood blend on the market today. It’s important to nourish our bodies with many of the best and most effective foods in order to remain healthy. That’s why drinking only one type of juice with only one or two ingredients is not always the best choice. Fortunately, MOA has been specially formulated to combine different ingredients, from exotic fruits packed with antioxidants and mushrooms to flavorful and healthy herbs, which work synergistically with your body to provide nourishment on a cellular level. MOA Read more [...]

“Just a few pounds, maybe 20 or so . . .”

That’s the comment from a man in his late 40’s who packed what appeared to be more than 320-non-muscular pounds on his 6-ft frame. We were both attending a health fair, but he was accompanying his wife to set up her product display. “My wife keeps telling me to lose weight, but I don’t think it’s that important. I can always get the pounds off when I decide to.” Really? My new acquaintance was voicing what many people tell themselves, despite all the evidence pointing to an epidemic of weight-related degenerative diseases. (see More than 150 million Americans over the age of 20 are considered overweight - and 78 million are obese. And the problem starts young: the rate of obesity among the 5 - Read more [...]

Restoriix: Detox in a Bottle

In a recently recorded conference call, Dr. Michael Dimayuga, M.D., discussed why ARIIX's Restoriix is one of the most important products, as well as the best time of day and method to take it.  Dr. Dimayuga was trained at Yale and also taught at Yale. He is recognized as one of Florida's top internists.  He also serves on the ARIIX Wellness Panel. Many people struggle with rebound weight gain, and ask, "How is the Slenderiiz system any different?"   Dr. Dimayuga explains that "If you have toxins in the body, your body HAS to manufacture fat in order to store these toxins and protect your vital organs from damage. If you do nothing about the toxins, as soon as you come off the diet, you will put the fat back on." We live and breath Read more [...]

Woman Gets Her Life Back by losing 130 lbs in 12 months

In this video, Lisa Cummings describes in her own words describe how a tragic accident changed her life in one breath from being an active mom of two kids, who loved the outdoors, to a paraplegic struggling to function. Her condition led to uncontrollable weight gain, and although says she tried everything, just could not lose the weight since her ability to exercise was severely limited. The weight gain then affected her quality of life and ability to function, leading to depression and despair. A friend introduced her to the Slenderiiz program. She began the program with skepticism, but after 30 days lost 20 pounds. In disbelief, she had to weigh herself twice, as normally it would have taken her many months to lose 20 pounds. She Read more [...]