Slenderiiz: Finally a Safe, Effective, Healthy Weight Loss System without Rebound


Slenderiiz(tm) is a one-of-a-kind, effective, healthy weight loss system with remarkable results.  It is 100% Homeopathic Blend with NO HORMONES.  The ingredients are recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the US (HPUS).

The Slenderiiz system consists of two products: Slenderiix and Xeler8.  They assist in weight loss not only by alleviating hunger, but also by flushing “problem” fats and toxins from the body.

It’s not just about losing weight ; it’s about getting to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle

The product was exhaustively tested on over 10,000 individuals over a 2 year period.  The conclusion:  MINIMAL SACRIFICE WITH GREAT RESULTS!!!

For this weight loss product they looked at both sacrifice andresults.  If there’s too much sacrifice, people QUIT on the product!   With this product….People DIDN’T QUIT!!!

If there’s not much sacrifice, but the results are minimal, people can also quit on the product! For example, only  losing 5 lbs in 30 days… that DIDN’T HAPPEN EITHER.

With this product:  people sacrifice a little but they get TREMENDOUS RESULTS.

The product works by helping people change their relationship with FOOD and break their addiction to fast/processed foods containing chemical additives and preservatives. When people do this…they don’t get bounce-back weight gain or rebound effect, even after they stop taking the product.

There are absolutely no negative side effects, and no contraindications with any drug you may be taking.

They are manufactured in a facility with certifications from the FDA, OTC, GMP & NSF. Our facility is top-notch with top-notch products that WORK FOR PEOPLE!!  We have effective products that actually produce results!

We have 3 Phases to our program: The Loading Phase, The Healthy Weight Loss Phase, The Maintenance Phase. An important part of this program is drinking water.

We have an incredible portable water bottle system.  Check it out at:

The importance of water

It is critical to have good quality water for our health and weight loss…..

Water is one of the most foundational elements for a healthy lifestyle.  Most people walk around dehydrated.

No energy for brain function, aches and pains and our metabolisms don’t work well.

Puritii Water FilterHaving plenty of clean, pure water activates the lymph system. The lymph system is the garbage truck of the body.  When that is dehydrated…..instead of free-flowing , it is like jelly and the toxins create roadblocks for getting rid of fat stores.   Water is so important because it gets rid of the toxic load that stands in the way of a high-functioning metabolism.  Water is imperative for good circulation, not only to distribute the homeopathic blends and the nutrients from our food and supplements,  but water is an energy conductor and when we are dehydrated the cells can’t properly communicate with each other. Having plenty of water acts like a shuttle for the homeopathics and the supplements to be able to get into the cells to charge and refuel them, but also to take out the toxic waste that stands in the way of having a high functioning metabolism.

The Puritii product was made on 3 remarkable technologies so we all can carry around clean, pure water all the time.

The Slenderiiz Program plus our Core Optimals = the Best Results for weight loss.

Dr. Ray Strand – Not a “quick fix” but a healthy lifestyle

Slenderiiz PackageWe are interested in health along with weight loss and when you combine these, you get both!    The Optimals provide a tremendous health benefit because these nutrients are provided at optimum or advanced levels.  They also improve insulin sensitivity so when you combine Slenderiix, which is working to accelerate fat loss, and you lower insulin levels by taking the Optimals (very critical to health) remembering that insulin is your storage hormone, when combining the Slenderiix and the Optimals you can a synergistic  effect  and then you can maintain a lifestyle that is needed  to promote a healthy weight.

Weight loss is great but keeping it off is priceless!!

That is why we’ve developed this entire approach. The people in the study who also incorporated the Optimal Nutrition had the best results!

We also have a snack/meal replacement called Pure Nourish. This was designed for people on-the-go! This is fantastic because it is GMO Free-Soy Free-No Artificial Flavors-Dairy Free-Low Glycemic- Vegetable Protein-Probiotics & Enzymes and 20% daily fiber. This is a really great supporting product and makes it easy!  A great meal in a bottle!

People don’t realize that 80-90% of the carbohydrates we are consuming today are high glycemic (breads, flour, rice, cereal, potatoes) and actually spike your blood sugar faster than if you are putting table sugar on your tongue. What we don’t realize is that the types of foods we choose to eat are the greatest drugs we take into our bodies because of hormonal response. When we spike our blood sugar, we set off an un-controllable hunger. Pure Nourish offers you an opportunity to get out of that cycle and eat meal replacements that do not spike your blood sugar and that is what we mean by low glycemic.  Your natural appetite comes down and you start to improve your insulin sensitivity. When combined with modest exercise and the Optimals and the Slenderiix program , you are doing everything to improve your health and also release that fat that you’ve been holding on to for so long. So Pure Nourish is a great behavioral modification tool.  Then you can eat low glycemic snacks and a low glycemic meal is a wonderful approach with Slenderiix and Xceler8.  This is a great way to a healthy lifestyle in a convenient and easy way.

With this program you get a real food list and brochure and suggestions for fruits and vegetables and protein list and suggested meals.  Also look at the website to see all this great info.  It’s a mental decision.  The food we suggest is dense in calories, so they have more energy.  No more energy drinks!

Consume a plant-based diet

The secret ingredient to getting your health back quickly is consuming a plant-based diet.  We are supposed to eat the rainbow—fruits and veges of many different colors and the reason is because each of those colors represents a different types of super-powered nutrients in the food.

Plant Based DietThe bioflavanoids in the fruits and the different antioxidants , every color represents a different spectrum of antioxidant power.  The more we can get strategic with our nutrition….we can use food to rehabilitate our body and shut down chronic inflammation, which leads to disease, as well as to re-boot your metabolism.  Plant –based diets have been  proven  to be the fastest way to take back control of health challenges.

The underlying disease that everyone faces is that we are too acidic. We can be acidic from being dehydrated or being overloaded from getting water that is not as pure as it should be.  We are acidic from pain medications, birth control meds, and chemicals, commercially raised animal proteins, and all of these things add unnecessary acid to the body.  The neutralizer of all of these acids is pure, clean water & plant foods.

Vegetables truly are your super-power.  If you are done eating and you still feel hungry…it’s okay to eat more veges.  They really create the ability to fast-forward the acid/alkaline balance.  This is the first step to create homeostasis in the body. “Green up and Grain down” & this helps to create a better pH faster in the body, which causes overall health to improve.  This is about real food that creates longevity!


If you put the product and program to the test,  you will be 100% satisfied with the results because it DOES WORK!!  Slenderiix is so unique, together with Xceler8….it is the supportive arm together with our diet and exercise program that supports amazing weight loss and encourages mindful health and well-being.  We are reducing the odds of rebound weight gain. And it’s not about losing weight, it’s about getting back to a healthy lifestyle.