A Safe Alternative to HCG Weight Loss


Dr. Marlisa Hurt was involved with early research of the hCG weight loss program, which is an extreme calorie restricted diet (500 cal) that requires daily self injections of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. While the diet seemed to be effective, it had many negative side effects and risks, such as low energy, hair loss, and loose floppy skin that resembled shrunken prunes.

Dr. Hurt’s most recent research is with an all-natural homeopathic formula called Slenderiiz, which provides a safe alternative to the HCG Weight Loss program by giving quick results without the negative side effects.  Clients won’t experience the shriveled skin, will maintain the same body shape (only smaller), and won’t experience a lack of energy.

The following webinar video explains the details of this breakthrough weight loss program:


What makes Slenderiix(tm) different?

Results without negative side effects

Dr. Hurt has worked in a private holistic health center in Virginia. People would come in saying they were discouraged because they thought their genetics made it impossible for them to lose the weight.  But, we are not genetic winners or losers!

Targets Abnormal Fat Deposits

Abnormal Body FatWith Slenderiix, before and after photos show that this program targets the abnormal fat deposits.  Abnormal fats accumulate around the middle, and are the source of the most dangerous health risks.

With Slenderiix, you lose the belly fat and the fat around thighs and arms.  The abnormal stomach/belly fats contribute to the risk of heart disease and cancer, and choke out your internal organs’ abilities to function.

Abnormal fat deposits can actually generate hormones that make you fatter (almost like another endocrine organ).

This is the most difficult fat to lose by calorie restriction. It has been proven that it takes 90 days of starvation before you can even access that type of fat to burn for fuel.

Slenderiix is an all-natural, homeopathic formula, that is complete safe, and helps to detoxify your body. Most importantly, it can reset the way that your brain signals your body to respond to the food that you are eating.

The underlying problem with why people start packing weight around the middle is because the Hypothalamus Pituitary Access (HPA) is thrown off by severe emotional stress, working shift work, consumption of glutimates such as MSG (Doritos contain over 11 glutimates), which mess up your brain’s “internal wi-fi” (HPA)… your brain’s ability to communicate to your body to respond to the food you eat in a healthy way.

The toxins and unwanted things that are in our processed foods today have taken a tremendous toll on our health, and are impacting our brain’s signaling for how we process and store foods in our body.

Slenderiix helps your brain respond to a proper way to the food you are eating very quickly; within 48 hours.  When you compliment that by choosing good foods, you get rock star results very quickly (even cheaters are seeing phenomenal results!)


Importance of B12Xceler8 is “part II” of the Slenderiix system.

The core of the formula is a liquid, all-natural B vitamin (the methyl form). There are several types of synthetic forms of B vitamins — referred to as “analog” vitamin B.

The CDC estimates that over 90% of Americans are seriously deficient in B vitamins.

Anyone who has ever been on a birth control pill is permanently disabled from being able to manufacture or absorb vitamin B, especially B6, from your food.

A B vitamin deficiency is very common with people that experience low energy, migraines, depression or general feel of malaise.

Another huge factor is heart disease.  A B vitamin deficiency causes the liver to overproduce homocysteine, which is like little molecules with “mini chainsaw blades” … as they flow through your arteries the make little “nicks”, which causes your body to produce cholesterol which “fills in” those nicks, effectively preventing you from bleeding to death.

There is no “drug” to counteract the overproduction of homocysteine, so often doctors do not request a level test. But by reversing the B vitamin deficiency, the liver corrects the overproduction, and thereby reduces the risk of heart disease, by lowering homocysteine.

Low B vitamin status also prevents you from adequately absorbing other fat soluble vitamins like: A and D, which is required for blood sugar management, the foundation of your immune system. effective hormone production necessary to maintain youthful hormone levels, etc, even if you go out in the sun.

Xceler8 is a foundational part of the Slenderiiz program because it helps you to digest and absorb the full vitamin value from the foods and supplements you eat.

Vitamins A and D are so critical to having a high functioning metabolism and immune system, that’s how the Vitamin B in Xceler8 plays such an important role in metabolic rate.

The other ingredients act as adaptogens. Adaptogenic herbs survive in difficult environments/climates. They have developed defense botanical mechanisms which comprise the essence of the plant itself. When we consume these plants, they give us the ability to cope with stress by changing brain chemistry.

Bottom line: Xceler8 is your anti-stress drop….

Appetite Suppression

Reduction of abnormal fat depositsWhen we eat foods that are not nutritionally dense, we end up having cravings all the time. It is because your brain is sensing that you’re eating stuff that does not have the nutrients that we need to thrive.

The homeopathic ingredients in Slenderiix do help with appetite suppression.  Without Slenderiix, it is virtually impossible to get away from the chemical addiction that you have when you are used to eating processed/fast food.  The chemicals in the processed food have a tight hold on you (especially the flavor enhancers like glutamates).  Slenderiix helps you overcome the chemical addiction to those processed food ingredients.

People will notice that they no longer crave junk and processed foods.

Contraindications with medications

People who are pregnant or nursing should not do this program.  When you start to detoxify your body, it will end up in your breast milk.  The baby’s brain is still under such rapid development (which is hundreds of times more susceptible to toxins than mature tissue).

Children as young as 10 have used the program with great success… don’t count calories, just focus on healthy choices.

Homeopathic medicine does not interfere with prescription drugs at all.  Take the drops 10 minutes before you eat or drink anything, and 1/2 hour away from all other medicines. You should have an empty stomach to make sure you have full absorption.

No Rebound Weight Gain

People report they don’t have rebound weight gain after they stop taking the drops.

Slenderiix and Xceler8

Slenderiix and Xceler8
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First of all, we recommend that you stay on the program for at least 8 weeks… even if you reach your goal before that.  It takes this amount of time reprogram your HPA.  Remember, we are resetting the way your body responds to food.

When you change your foods to healthier food over a period of time, you reset your HPA. This is why the B vitamins and the anti-stress herbs help you to break free from the addictions of fast/processed foods.

Surely, if you go back to eating Krispy Kremes for breakfast and KFC for lunch, etc., the weight will come back. The difference is that after resetting your HPA, you will no longer have a desire for these foods, having successfully traded it off for healthier choices.