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Team Optimum Health Embraces the Slenderiiz System

Obesity StatisticsWe are a group of people passionate about one thing:  Optimum Health for Everyone! Although we are based out of Raleigh, NC (USA), our team educates and teaches people globally about achieving optimum health.

Obesity is no longer a problem only in America.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1.46 Billion People (worldwide) are overweight.  502 Million of those are considered obese.   Mexico, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and India are also facing an obesity epidemic.

Healthy for LifeTeam Optimum Health teaches healthy life principals based on Dr. Ray Strand’s book: Healthy for Life. Dr. Strand’s motto is: Developing healthy lifestyles that have a side effect of permanent fat loss.   In other words, stop looking at obesity as something to attack.  What we need to do is focus on simple lifestyle changes that bring about good health and permanent (no yo-yo) fat loss.


We are excited to incorporate the Slenderiiz (Slenderiix + Xceler8) weight loss system because it is safe, effective, and clinically proven.  Unlike fad diets, diet pills based on stimulants, or programs based on hormones, Slenderiiz is 100% homeopathic with NO HORMONES and NO STIMULANTS. The ingredients are recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the US (HPUS) and individually have been well studied throughout the years.

The other aspect of the Slenderiiz system that we find unique in the marketplace, is that it eliminates the typical “yo-yo” effect that people have in losing weight.   Dr. Strands says, “Losing weight is important, but keeping it off is priceless“.

Effective Results

Average weight loss of clinical trial: women lost ½ lb./day; men 2/3 lb./day for 30 days.

slenderiiz-results-chris-moreauFor an explanation of how the system works, check out our webinars by Dr. Ray Strand.

100% Money Back Guarantee

ARIIX offers members a 100 percent, thirty (30) day, money back guarantee on their initial product order. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with any ARIIX product, you may return that product to the Company within thirty (30) days for replacement, exchange, or full refund of the purchase price.


Group loses 1,644 lbs

In a recent event held in Concord, NC, members of the audience who lost more than 30 lbs on the Slenderiiz program were asked to come up front and say their name, where they were from, and how much they lost.

Marla Finn – 22 pounds

Marla Finn Lost 22 pounds on the Slenderiiz program. She says the best part of the program is how she feels… more energy and vitality at 45 years old than she felt her entire life.

Dewayne Croft – 85 pounds

Dewayne Croft Lost 85 pounds on the Slenderiiz program. “I was to a point where I couldn’t even do my job during the day, I was so heavy.”

Lisa Cummings – 130 pounds


Lisa Cummings Lost 130 pounds on the Slenderiiz program. Due to an accident Lisa became paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. The Slenderiiz program gave her her life back, and now she encourages others through her powerful testimony.

James Summers – 40 pounds

James Summers Lost 40 pounds on the Slenderiiz program. “I have movement of my legs and arms that I hadn’t had in a long time, and had attributed to getting old, but in fact, it was due to my obesity!”

James Sherwood – 121 pounds (so far…)

James Sherwood was given 1 year to live. He was in a wheelchair, on oxygen, taking multiple shots of insulin every day. He was 45 years old, and 553 lbs. After 9 months on the Slenderiiz program, James has lost 122 lbs. so far. He can now walk, does not need oxygen, has drastically reduced his need for insulin, his blood pressure has returned to normal. James has gotten his life back. This video is his testimony in his own words, at an event in Concord, NC

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You will find many websites that will sell you a box of Slenderiiz!

At Team Optimum Health, we are not interested in “selling” you something.  We ARE interested in you succeeding in your weight loss and wellness goals. For us, we are passionate about EDUCATION and helping you to not only get healthier yourself, but help OTHERS get healthy too.

We want to connect with you and have the opportunity to work with you on your specific situation. We have weight loss and wellness coaches that can help you achieve your goals, regardless of where you live. We offer this ongoing consultation absolutely FREE to our members.

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